Former Rector Rev. Fr. Rohitha Rodrigo's
Speech at the Annual Prize Giving
(2013 - 2014)

Rev. Fr. Rohitha Rodrigo Adressing the Gathering

Our Chief Guest, your Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Maxwell Silva, Auxiliary Bishop of Colombo, Rev. Fathers, Rev. Sisters, distinguished guests, Members of the School Development Society, Members of theTutorial Staff, Parents, Well-wishers and my dear students. I warmly welcome all of you to the Annual Prize Giving of St. Jude's College, Negombo.

Today is a memorable day on the college calendar. It is a grand Occasion on which we recognize and reward the achievements of our Students. We are indeed proud and happy to have Rt. Rev. Dr. Maxwell Silva, Auxiliary Bishop of Colombo, an old boy of St. Peter's College as our Chief Guest today.

Born to devout Roman Catholic parents, Rt. Rev. Dr. Maxwell Silva Had his early education at the Roman Catholic School, Willorawatta, Moratuwa. Later he joined St. Sebastian's College, Moratuwa. He completed his Advanced Level education at St. Peter's College, Colombo 4. He entered St. Aloysius' Minor Seminary at Borella in 1969 and was at the Intermediate Seminary, Haputale from 1971, to 7972. He joined the National Seminary, Ampitiya, Kandy in 1,973.He was ordained as a priest of God, on 2Sth July 1981 by his Grace Most Rev. Dr. Nicholas Marcus Fernando at St. Lucia's Cathedral Kotahena.

He has a vast parish experience, having served as Assistant Priest at Dalugama and Parish Priest at Tibbotugoda and Mabola. He also served as Resident Priest at Kerawalapitiya. He was a member of the Tutorial Staff of St. Joseph's Boys' M.V. Grandpass from 1998-2001. He has also Served as the Vice Principal of Basilica College, Ragama and was Rector of St. Thomas' College, Kotte from 2001-2012. In the year 2012, he was Appointed as the Auxiliary Bishop of Colombo. His Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Maxwell Silva holds many prestigious educational qualifications such as B.Th[Rome), B.A.[Hons) Kelaniya, post graduate Diploma in Education [NIE], Diploma in Accountancy, M.A. [SociologyJ University of Kelaniya and M.A. [NIE). We thank you sincerely for graciously accepting our invitation and being With us today as our Chief Guest.

Special Tribute to Rev. Fr. Dr. Leslie Fernando, former Rector and founder of St. Jude's College

We pay a special tribute to Rev Fr. Dr. Leslie Fernando, the founder Of St. Jude's College.The College was one of his great concepts and since the inceptionOf the college in 2003, he has worked very hard to maintain high Standards of education and discipline. Rev. Father Leslie received the Unstinted support of Rev. Sr. Mercy Fernando (S.D.S.) and I express my Sincere gratitude for her invaluable contribution.

The chapel which stands at the entrance of the college is also a Unique idea of Rev.Fr. Leslie. It has the shape of a sea-shell and glorifies the Lord through its magnificent beauty. As an educationist, he firmly believed that the success of a school Greatly depends on the quality of teachers and he took great pain in Selecting qualified teachers with good moral character to guide and mould the flock of God. Rev. Fr. Leslie is always an unforgettable member of the Judian Family. I will most certainly continue the good work clone by him to make St. Jude's College, a school of excellence with God's blessing and the co-Operation of the staff and parents.

"My soul doth magnify the Lord
My spirit rejoices in my saviour"

Creating the best teaching and learning Environment for teachers and students

The winds of change have covered the whole world and all Spheres, and it has not spared the field of education. This is what we Frequently hear from those who associate closely with education. Peter Senge in his book The Dance of Change reiterates the fact what most Educationists believe. The clamour of stakeholders in school to change is As loud as it can be. The state has taken steps to improve the curriculum in order to face the changing and challenging world into which students enter after completing their school career. However the other side of the coin is the preparation of students to meet the demands of social, moral, cultural, religious and ethical values; at the same time preparing them to stand erect against social vices, and to protect them so that they could grow as integrated citizens of the country, in order to avoid regrets of social degradation. I believe that it is our responsibility to create that environment necessary for our students to grow so that they would leave school one day as integrated men and women.

School Environment (surroundings)

St Jude's College, like any other school faces new challenges every Day. As a team our administrative, academic and supportive staffs work hard to create an environment most suited for the teaching and learning process. No doubt that anyone who walks into the college premises would first admire its location and surroundings as we sing in our college anthem "By the Lagoon waters Blue with, and Balmy winds". We are ever thankful to God the Creator and our clear Fr. Leslie for locating St. Jude's college bordering the tranquil waters of the Negombo lagoon and situated a kilometer from the hustle and bustle of the Negombo town. The silent winds that blow across the school courtyard add a touch of calmness to the homely environment which makes students feel it as a home away from home.

Classroom Environment

The future of a country would depend on responsible citizens with analytic minds as they grow in maturity. A responsible student with analytical skills would grow only in a democratic environment where one feels responsible for his or her acts. As a team our staff works hard to create a democratic environment in the classroom and in school' we involve students in shared decision making to increase their responsibility in helping to make the classroom a good place to be, and learn. We believe a democratic classroom contributes to character because it provides an ongoing forum where the thoughts of students are valued. They also work with the teacher in a continuing partnership to create a moral culture in the classroom. This not only enables face to face circle meeting but emphasizes on interactive discussion and problem solving. The argument that schools need to focus on the quality and not the quantity of learning is a logical one. We need to exercise great flexibility in meeting the demands of every student. If a learner enters any learning activity with little to no natural curiosity, prospects for meaningful interaction with text, media and other specific tasks are bleak. We encourage students to ask great questions giving much importance to the question than the answer itself trying to shift away from the traditional method of teachers forcing the students to ask the questions at the outset of units or lessons which is often to no avail. We welcome ideas from divergent forces like professionals, cultural and spiritual mentors, community and the students themselves' The chances are that none would be versatile enough to suit every bit of the syllabus content and curriculum. Personalized learning is likely to be the future of education but this too becomes a task almost entirely on the shoulders of the classroom teacher. This makes personalization an even greater challenge. We use a variety of criteria not just assessment results and reading levels but most importantly interest in the subject content itself. We adjust the pace and vigour accordingly by which we feel we uncover what the learners truly need. Some students having a natural drive, readily seek challenges and pour effort into them, while others do not. We, as teachers try to focus on the students' efforts and not their abilities. When students succeed we praise their efforts and strategies above all. We believe in giving students challenging work and teach them that challenging activities are fun and that mistakes help them learn. We strongly feel that with persistent assessment you separate the good students from the good thinkers even though it is a requirement for their future opportunities to improve. Old thinking is revisited; old errors are reflected on, and complex ideas are re-approached from new angles. We make every effort to maximize a student's opportunity to learn and demonstrate an understanding of content. We try to get students to become responsible for their own learning so that students will be more likely to benefit from the lessons. Each teacher has a different value in the classroom. The only universally important element is that these remain consistent so that the students know what to expect and what is expected of them in return. The students are taught to know the importance that there is an inclusive, respectful community oriented environment. There are many objective ways to define a student's success - completing a credential, going onto further education, getting a job are some of those milestones. But evaluating a successful educational experience from the student's point of view should involve more subjective measures. Success is not the key to happiness rather; happiness is the key to success. we were all born with a certain degree of power. The key to success is discovering this innate power and using it daily to deal with whatever challenges that come our way. We often teach them that the most important thing is being passionate about what they are doing and always to give it their all because as Alfred Mercier once said WHAT WE LEARN WITH PLEASURE WE NEVER FORGET. We believe that the following key conditions should be created for students to give them the best opportunity to learn. Children need to feel safe -This is the most important factor for students not only to succeed but to also excel. Safety is not only that they do not worry about being emotionally or physically hurt by those that they share the space with but also that their ideas will be valued. The school environment is safe to make mistakes, share thoughts and know that their ideas will not be attacked or ridiculed. We have seen students cover under these conditions and it could not only affect them in their current classroom but would very well stay with them long past the time in that environment. Trust must be apparent for students to succeed. Students are cared for as people: we show them and take care of their personal well-being, ask them about their day, and talk to them about what is important in their lives. We provide them with opportunities for fun - if you enjoy what you do, have a sense of humour and can laugh in your environment you always do better. Aesthetics, sports the computer lab and other events organized by various outside authorities help them to connect better with the outside world. Children are given the opportunity to show their understanding in a way that is meaningful and relevant to them. We provide them many ways to help them get to their destination. Students take different lengths of time for their learning. But if they get to the same Level of understanding eventually, you have given them the opportunity to become successful. Students show leadership in areas that they excel and are passionate in. We have to help them to identify these areas and provide them the opportunities to exhibit them. I appreciate learning at all times, even if it is from my own students. Not only would they appreciate that they have taught their teacher something but they will go out of their way to further their own learning. Time has to be given to students where they can self assess their learning and put their ideas together. We try to achieve this through extra - curricular activities. It is not only the students who enjoy this freedom but also the teachers. Teachers are also given the privilege to be responsible in organizing their own classrooms and activities. This liberty has helped many teachers to be more responsible in their own activities and lives. It's not the avenue that's only important it's the opportunity.

The time spent now will be well worth the dividends in the future. It is essential as administrators that we not only work to provide the opportunities for our students but for the staff as well. Historically the mission of our school "To Provide a Holistic Education which Nurtures thee Intellect, shapes Character and promotes Christian Values within a Disciplined learning Environment" has been to develop in the young both intellectual and moral virtues. Concern for moral virtues such as honesty, justice, responsibility and respect for others is the domain of moral education. These virtues we believe will help them to live good lives individually and will make them become productive contributors of their society. In school we make a conscious effort at addressing these issues of character formation. Students need to learn to live harmoniously in society and they begin this virtue here within the school environment in living harmoniously with each other and helping each other in their need. Students learn these virtues more from their own teachers who are in and out of their classrooms day in and day out. Education is simply the soul of a Society as it passes from one generation to another.

"Wisdom is God's love"

We, as one Judian Family, must make the best use of the potential within us, in whatever sphere it may be, to bring out the best in the students under one care. In recent years our students have performed well at the public examinations and I am grateful to all the members of the Tutorial Staff for their share in this success story. The G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination 2013 results were noteworthy and gratifying to all concerned. I earnestly request the staff members to continue their good work and bring greater honour and glory to St. Jude's College in the years ahead of us.

Board of Administration

The staff of St. Jude's College has grown in numbers, as a result of an increasing number of students during the past years. They take great interest in the curriculum as well as Co-Curricular activities. I take this opportunity to appreciate all the services they have rendered without restraint.

Rev. Fr. Rohitha Rodrigo - Rector

Rev. Fr. Leslie Fernando - Spritual Director

Rev. Fr. Dinush Gayan

Sectional Heads

Mrs. Kumalika Margris - Grade One

Mrs. Minoli Fernando - Grade Two

Mrs. Deepika Fernando - Grade Three

Mrs. Ashika Perera - Grade Four

Mr. Nuwan Livera - Grade Five

Mr. Sandaruwan Jayasinghe - Grade Six

Mr. Norman Soza - Grade Seven

Mr. Shelwin Perera - Grade Eight

Mrs. Pavithra Gamage - Grade Nine

Mrs. Subashi De Silva - Grade Ten

Miss Lakmie Fernando - Grade Eleven

Mrs. Thilini Gomis - Grade Twelve

My sincere thanks go out to the above mentioned members of the Board of Administration. Many others have also worked hard throughout the year to maintain high standards of education and discipline May I make use of this opportunity to extend my sincere thanks to the following teachers who have left our tutorial staff for the services they rendered to our school, during the period under review. Rev. Sr. Mercy Fernando receives a very special word of gratitude because she has rendered yeoman service by working with commitment and dedication to enlighten and enrich the lives of students. Rev. Fr. Roshan Janaka also rendered all his strength to uplift the Judian Family. Rev. Fr. Roshan and the following staff members resigned from the college during this period.

Rev. Sr. Benita Felicita

Mrs.lroshika Vidarshani

Mrs.Nilangi Fernando

Mr.Lahiru Fernando

Mrs.Woshika Manike

Mrs. Suchithra Fernando

Mrs. Sumedhi

Miss Kushani Kodithuwakku

Mrs. Anne Shalini

May I also welcome the following teachers who have joined our staff during the year 2013 and 2014.

Mrs. Devika Kalutuwawa

Mr. Palanivel Loganathen

Mr. Anneliyan Dalpadadu

Mrs. Rukmanthi Fernando

Mrs. Eranga Jayani

Miss. Vimarshani Fernando

Miss. Samadhi Silva

Mrs. Nuwanmala Hettiarachchi

Miss. Deliya Fonseka

Miss. Radha Fernando

Mrs. Avanthi Sajeeni

Miss. Randi Lakshika

Mrs. Merani Fernandopulle

Mrs. Mangalika Priyadarshani

Mr. Nicholas Mirando

Mrs. H. H. D. Thakshila

Miss. Ridmi Fernando

Miss. Shemika Fernando

Miss. Sarika Silva

Miss. Rebeca Fernando

Miss. Achini Fernando

Miss. Aruni Perera

Miss. W. P. Malshani

Miss. Nimmi Nisansala

Miss.Ruvini Vindya

Mr. Kapila Silva

We wish the above teachers success in all their endeavours. There are 63 teachers on our staff. The following teachers have successfully completed their degrees in relevant fields and I congratulate all of them.

Rev. Fr. Dinush Gayan

Miss. Lakmie Fernanclo

Mrs. Sudeepa Perera

Mrs. Thilini Gomis

Mr. Prasanna Tissera

Miss Inali Rodrigo

Mrs. Avanthi Sajeeni

Mrs. Ishani Malkumari

Mrs. Priyani Jenifa

Miss. Seetha Fernando

Mrs. Pavithra Gamage

Mrs. Devika Kalatuwawa

Mrs. Merani Fernandopulle

Mrs. Mangalika Priyadarshani

Mr. Haleen Ambegoda

The following teachers have completed their government teacher training successfully and qualified as Trained teachers.

Mrs.Romaine Koelmeyer

Mrs.Subashi De Silva

Mrs.Darshi Peries

Mrs.Dinesha Priyadarshani

20 teachers are registered in the government service and among them 9 were enrolled during 2013 and 2014

The Clerical Staff

The clerical staff of St. Jude's College renders an untiring service behind the scene for the smooth running of the school and its management. l thank

Mr. J.H, Stanly Fernando

Mr. K. Ranjith Peries

Mr. Lakmal Fernando

Mr. M. Amith Kumara

Mr. Sunil Perera

Mrs. Shamika Perera

Mrs. Anusha Caderamen

Miss, Ridmi Fernando

for their commitment and dedication.

The Supportive Staff

Supportive staff of St. Jude's College makes a valuable contribution for the smooth running of the college by working hard to keep the college neat and tidy. While appreciating their services I sincerely thank:

Mr. Joseph Anthony

Mrs. Concy

Mr. Nimal Silva

Mrs. Hycinth

Mrs. Seetha

Mrs. Kadirani

Mr. Tharindu

Miss. Girty Perera

Mrs. Lilian Perera

Mrs. Hilda Margarette

Mrs. Anuruddika Fernando

Academic Achievements

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."
(George Washington)

Education imparts values and knowledge. It moulds the future of a self and eventually, the country. Individuals must have personalities shaped or fashioned in ways that fit into a globalized world. So, St Jude's College has made every effort to transmit Christian values and subject knowledge and to provide appropriate training to students who live in a competitive educational world. So, Rev. Fathers, Rev. Sister and the academic staff, with courageous support from students and parents, have rendered an invaluable service to achieve academic excellence. It is noteworthy that our students are strongly equipped to face the challenges of the world. Our students who sat the O/L examination in December 2013, came off with flying colours. Two students obtained 9 A's, while one student obtained 8 A's out of the total of 54 students.

Advanced Level Section

It's a pleasure for us to state that St. Jude's College has been able to achieve many goals within a short period of time with the grace of our good Lord. The A/L section which was started in the year 2014, is one such goal that has become a reality in the college. Rev. Fr. Leslie Fernando - the founder of the college, the former principal Rev. Sr. Mercy Fernando, and Rev. Fr. Dinush Gayan worked hard For the commencement of the A/L section. The first batch of the A/L section was enrolled on 24th of April 2014 and it's a great pleasure for me to state that we were able to begin the A/L section which included 4 streams together a newly build Science Laboratory for the benefit of the students. We sincerely thank Rev.Fr. Leslie Fernando - the founder of St. Jude's college, the former principal - Rev. Sr. Mercy Fernando, Rev. Fr. Dinush Gayan and all the graduate teachers of the section for rendering Their support to inaugurate the A/L classes.


"In God everything is possible"

Many religious activities are organized to nurture religious fervour in the students. Regular Holy Masses were organized on the first Friday of every Month. The students were given the opportunity to participate in the Way of the Cross during the season of Lent. A common Way of the Cross was organized for the whole school in the school playground. Marian Devotions were organized in the month of May every year and it was concluded with a procession around the school premises and culminated with the Holy Mass. Thanks giving Eucharistic celebrations were held every year on the college Day and Rev. Fr. Director's birthday. The annual year end concert and Christmas carol service was held on a grand scale with the participation of students from grade one to twelve. The students of grade four are trained and spiritually prepared Every year for their Fist Holy Communion service by their respective class teachers. Our thanks to Rev. Sr. Mercy Fernando - our former principal and the teachers-in-charge for their dedicated service. At present, daily Mass is offered at 7.00a.m. in the college chapel. Our students are constantly reminded that they cannot achieve anything without the grace of God. Let us make every effort to involve them in all religious activities of the college so that they may grow up to be God fearing children and as they sing in their college anthem; "To follow Jude our Patron true"

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities are sine qua non for students in their march towards achieving academic excellence. Our school has thrived in diverse spheres -viz:

  • Sports
  • Senior and Junior Choirs
  • Brass Band
  • Prefects' Body
  • English Day
  • Dancing Troupe


In its short span of 12 years the college has explored every avenue to varnish the hidden talents of students. Presently 50 athletes train under the age groups 12 - 17. I am delighted to say that our athletes participated in zonal competitions and all island Junior Sir John Tarbet Meet in 2013 and 2014 and few athletes obtained merit certificates. Master Reshain Fernando became 5th in 200m race in the Western Province. Therefore I extend my heart-felt gratitude to Mr. Prasanna Tissera - the teacher in-charge who also played a pivotal role, in the past few years in co-coordinating sport committes and coaches in all spheres of sports until the appointments of present masters in charge . And I offer a special thanks to Mr. Amal Perera - the coach for having rendered a committed and wonderful service in this regard.


The game of cricket - the glory of Sri Lanka has gained popularitybin the college. Categorized under 13 and 15, the team has 50 cricketers. Our team has played Sri Lanka Cricket Board organized division 3 matches and has been selected for the second round. The selection of Master Pramod Fernando for the Gampaha District Team, was another remarkable achievement in our school cricket. This would not have been possible, if not for the efforts of the coach - Mr.Bhanuka Dewasurendra and the teacher in-charge Mr. Sandaruwan Prasanna. Therefore I sincerely thank both of them for their fantastic support.


we have also given priority for the most popular game of the world - soccer. our soccer team, grouped under 1.3,15 and 17, presently totaling 75 soccerites took part in the Negombo Zonal matches and school tournaments. I appreciate and thank the teacher in-charge - Mr.Kapila Silva and the coach Mr. Luke Briman for the accomplishment of their duties to uplift the standard of the game.


The basketball teams, categorized under 12-14 and 16, comprising of 75 cagers, are coached by Mr. Indika Wijesena and the teacher in-charge is Miss Aruni Perera. I consider it to be of great value to thank you both for your assiduous and enthusiastic work for the development of the fastest game of the world.


This game, which is also a very healthy game for girls, was commenced last year and has about 25 players, under the age group of 15. My honour and gratitude goes to the coach - Miss Nimrni Perera and Miss Malshani Ruwanthika the teacher in -charge for their continuous support to uplift the game in the college. All the sporting events have regular weekly practices with their coaches and teachers in-charge.

Senior and Junior Choirs

The Western Choir was commenced 9 years ago in order to support the religious activities and upgrade the singing skills of the students. The choir was started with 30 choristers and the teacher in-charge was Miss Darshi Peiris. Now, the choir has become a great necessity of the school as it contributes immensely for all the events and programmes of the school. The Annual Christmas Carol Service is an important event of the calendar of the Choir of our college. And also the Lenten Programmes, May feast, First Holy Communion Mass, College Day, Rector's Day and the Prize Giving are the other annual functions where the Western Choir plays an important role. From 2011-2013 the Western Choir was trained by Rev. Fr. Roshan Janaka and 2014 onwards the Choir was trained by Rev. Fr. Dinush Gayan. The teacher in-charge of the Senior Choir is Mr.sandaruwan Jayasinghe. The Junior Choir of our college had its inception in 2014 with 40 choristers and they also play an important role at our college functions. The teacher in-charge of the Junior Choir is Ms.Sarika Silva. Both choirs were trained and assisted by Mr. Stephan Strainwall in 2014. I would like to thank Rev. Fr. Dinush Gayan, Mr.Sandaruwan Jayasinghe, Ms. Inali Rodrigo and Ms.Sarika Silva and the trainer Mr. Stephan Strainwall, for the support extended to uplift the standard of the choirs.

Brass Band

The school Eastern Band of boys and the Western Band of the girls had its inception in 2008. Mr.Sandaruwan Jayasinghe was in-charge of the Eastern Band and Mrs.Minoli Fernando was in-charge of the Western Band. The bands perform at every college function and adds colour and momentum to the particular event. The genesis of the Brass Band took palace in 2014. This band is trained by Mr. Nishantha Akmeemana and had its debut performance today. I offer my heart-felt gratitude to the teachers in-charge and the trainer for their glorious effort.

Prefects' Body

The Prefects' Body of St Jude's College consists of 50 students, including 28 girls and, 22 boys. The prefects showed their leadership qualities and creativity at special functions such as Teachers' Day, Children's Day and the First Holy Communion during the last year. The general meeting is held, presided over by Rev. Fr. Rector, Rev. Fr. Gayan and teachers in-charge on every Wednesday to enhance the leadership qualities and for the betterment of the college. Training programmes and seminars were organized to improve their leadership qualities. Last October we had our special training programme organized by the 'Seth Sarana Unit' of the Arch Diocese Charity Service, which was a great success and provided a unique experience about the reality of being a leader. I extend my sincere thanks to Fr.Dinush Gayan and the teachers in- charge Mrs.Thilini Gomis, Mr.Nicholas Mirando and Ms.A.Nirosha for their untiring efforts to build a quality prefects' body in our college.

English Day

The English Day was organized by the college under the patronage of Rev. Fr. Rector and it is an essential event in the school calendar. Leading up to this day, various competitions like Dictation, Essay, Speech, Poem and Pair improvisation were organized to expose the hidden talents of the students and the winners were awarded with certificates and appreciated. These competitions have become very valuable to enhance English skills of the students from grade 1 to grade 12. I would like to thank the teachers in-charge Mrs.Romaine Koelmeyer and Ms.A.Nirosha for their courage and perseverance in making this event a great success.

Dancing Troupe

Our students learn dancing as a subject. It has enabled them to improve their skills and currently there is a special group of students who participate in different cultural performances. During the year 2014 a talent show was organized by students itself without any guidance of teachers. This was held based on the competencies expected in the syllabus. There were about 12 items on the agenda. Our students participated in the "Naththal Kalapaya" dancing competition which was organized by the diocese to improve the spirituality of the students and won the 2nd place bringing glamour to the school with their elegant performance.

New Arrivals to the Judian family

As an up and coming branch school in the Northern part of the Diocese there have been a number of developments both physically and materially. I am indeed glad that students are blessed with a fully- equipped computer lab, which can cater to about 40 students per session, with audio visual facilities, internet etc. under proper directions & guidance. Highlighting the sanitary facilities, the College authority re-built two sections of toilets for boys & girls and were able to renovate the two staff rooms while providing them with a set of lockers. Also, measures have been taken to renovate a few blocks in the College. With a vision to motivate the students in "menssana incorporesano", healthy mind in a healthy body, the College took several initiatives in upgrading the sports facilities and among them renovation of the ground cuts a figure.

School Development Society

From the very inception of the College, parents have been very friendly with the school administration. They have been playing a pivotal role in the organization of school events while shouldering an equal responsibility along with the school authority. The Parents committee was initiated on 9th November 2013 with the vision of helping out the Judian Family. The office bearers were Rev.Fr.Dr. Leslie Fernando, the Director; as the President, Rev Sr. Mercy Fernando, as the Vice-President, Mr.T.D.Sirimewan as the Secretary and Mr.Tony Burrah as the Treasurer. The sports committee has also been formed as a sub-committee of the above which rendered a remarkable service in the annals of the history of St. Jude's College. The sports committee comprised of the following office bearers:

Mr.Chaminda Fernando

Mr. Samantha Fernando

Mrs. Surangi Fernando

Mr. Ravin Croos


"Thank you" is a right word for the right deed done at the right time. Therefore I sincerely offer my thanks to your Lordship Rt. Rev. Dr. Maxwell Silva for accepting our invitation to be the Chief Guest on this occasion. My Lord, I greatly appreciate your graceful presence and wish you God's abundant blessings for your ministry. I must also thank Very Rev. Fr. Patrick Perera - Episcopal Vicar for the Northern Region of the Archdiocese for being with us today and at every occasion. Dear father we appreciate your love and concern for St.Jude's College. I also express my sincere thanks to Very Rev.Fr.Shanthikumar Welivita for gracing this occasion. I really appreciate your friendly gesture shown in your ministry. I also thank Rev. Fr. Ranjith Madurawala, the General Manager of Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese and Rev. Fr. Trevor Martin, the Rector St.Peter's College Bambalapitiya of our mother school for the invaluable corporation extended both materially and immaterially. Dear fathers I am really thankful to you for the guidance and direction that you always extend to St. Jude's College. My special thank goes to Rev. Fathers, Rev.Sisters and special invitees for your great presence. I am ever so grateful and thankful to the tutorial staff for their unstinted support, generosity and co-operation given to me at all times. May I also thank very specially, all the parents for the tremendous support they have given me during all important events of the College. My sincere thanks go to the members of the Development Committee for being with us. Once again I sincerely thank each and every one of you for being a source of strength with your presence. May the blessing of our Almighty God be upon you now and forever.


It is imperative that a school should provide a conducive environment for students to grow as responsible citizens of our nation who would lead our country one day to its desired goals. I am glad our teachers have taken the task entrusted to them seriously and dedicated themselves to create the environment required for our students. Parents do play a pivotal role in guiding these students and providing a proper home environment so that their mental disposition is right when they come to school to carry out their tasks in a responsible manner. I invite all of you to work closely with the school administration in order that we together create the best environment for our children.

Rev.Fr.Rohitha Rodrigo

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Former Rector Rev. Fr. Rohitha Rodrigos Speech at the Annual Prize Giving

Former Rector Rev. Fr. Rohitha Rodrigos Speech at the Annual Prize Giving 2013 - 2014

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