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Suhada lnstitute

Religious, moral and disciplinary values maintained in Government schools were deteriorating very fast due to the influence of unwelcome tourists, introducing all kind of new things that corrupt the school going children and the Children become addicts and victims of theses evil temptations which ruin their lives eventually.. This was a common observation made by many involved in the Field of education, at this period. 'SUHADA' house at Kurana was started on 1-7th September 2001, with theintention of providing LIFE EDUCATUION PROGRAMME , for these school goingchildren, in and around Negombo, with in the age groups of t2 and 17. This house was Blessed and opened by the archbishop of Colombo Rt. Rev. Dr. Nicholas Marcus Fernando, on 17th September 2OO1. Suhada House and land, to the extent of 2 roots and 20 perches werepurchased from the donation received from Fr. Kraus, a priest from Holland. Hehelped us for the Life Education Program. This house and property hadcoasted the owners four Million of rupees. This land was owned by Francis Savior ( New Latin branch), and they tryingto disposed of the land and the house. They very willingly sold the premises to thecatholic church at a very reasonable price for our purpose, that is to put up a new school. After blessing the House the Archbishop inspected area, extending up tolagoon from the west side which was vacant at that time.. He decided that if thework envisaged is to be done properly, additional land would be very useful. Withhis consent and help, additional land up to the lagoon, to the extension of 1 acre,2 roots,20 perches was purchased from one Mr. John Fernando,Stanley Fernando' Archbishop paid them Rupees six Million for the land and transfer was effected on 8/4/2OO1.

Life- Education program

Institute began its operations with the help of some teachers on 17th September 2001. The main aim of the institute was to instruct, and to educate thechildren and to make them aware of the dangers the new social atmospherecreated around them. Instructions were carried on with the help of somequalified persons who take interest in this field, and were willing to devote sometime for the good of the school going children. This programme continued for about an year. project had to be terminateto some external influences. Two new groups entered the field doing the same work with children. Since both these groups were from church, we stopped the program to avoid any clash Another reason was the expenses incurred became beyond our means. children had to be transported from various schools to the centre, and refreshment for 10 o' clock has to be provided. It was felt that random seminars of this type have only very limited impact in the life of the students, and not forceful enough fight the bad influence and to change the bad habits, since they go back to the same old environment, crying need for catholic schools. However the crying need for catholic schools were very acute in and around Negombo. Around 2002 many catholic parents were looking for good catholic schools to get their children admitted. The few catholic schools that are functioning in Negombo were finding it impossible about all the applications made to them And schools begun by fundamental were attracting the Catholic children to their schools, creating a danger to their Catholic adherence. These schools were being made use of to attract the catholic children to their ways and practices, with the idea of making conversions. There was a crying need for good Catholic schools Negombo to accommodate the catholic children, who are not rich enough to send them to international Schools or the few private schools in Colombo or Negombo. lt was Archbishop Oswald Gomis, who encouraged me to start a new branch school, withEnglish as the medium of education. As there was no allowance to begin any new private schools according to government regulation,St. Jude's College was started as a branch school of st. peter's college, Colombo. On 7th January 2003, new branch school, named St. Jude's College was opened at Kithu Nana, Negombo grand street parish, St. Jude's College , which was functioning at Kithu Nana premises, in Grand Street, Negombo, for nearly three months, was shifted to the new premises at Suhada, Kurana, on 3rd March 2003. By this time there were 60 children who had entered the College for Grade 1 The two story building put up at Kurana Suhada premises to accommodate the children who were coming for Life Education program, was made available for the children of St. Jude's College, By this time a decision has been taken to stop seminars for life education programme, since many were of the opinion the it would be more useful to run a school that to provide weekly seminars for school children Archbishop Oswald Gomis who encouraged me to start a new branch school with English as the medium of instruction. As there was no allowance to begin any new private schools according to Government regulation, St. Jude's College was started as a branch school of St. Peter's College, Colombo. Jude's College shifts to Kurana thus KITHU NANA at Grand street began on 6th January 1993, and was functioning at Kithu Nana premises hoping for new buildings at Kurana ,suhada premises.

Crest and Anthem

Crest for the College was designed by Rev. Fr. Anselem de Croos. Main symbols in the crest are heart, anchor, in the form of a cross, and two palm branches. Crest is in the shape of a heart. Heart is the symbol of love, True Wisdom is God's Love. Fundamental orientation of every type of education is to impartwisdom which generates God love in society,Anchor in the middle of the heart , in the form of a cross, signifies firmnessrequired for steady faith As anchor keeps a ship steady in a storm, so crosskeeps our faith firm and steady at all events. Two psalms placed in the crest is to symbolize various forms of martity or that has be endured for the sake of faith. College Anthem was composed by Rev. Fr. Croos, along with the music.

St. Jude's College

First student was admitted to St. Jude's college by Archbishop Oswald Gomis, on 6th January 2003. At Kithu Nano Montesori. With this admission Jude's College, began functioning at Kithu Nana premises, in Grand Street, Negombo, till the college shifted to the new premises at Kurana, on 3rd March 2003,By this time there were about 60 children, who had entered the College for Grade 1. The two story building that was built to accommodate the children who were coming for Life Education program, was given over to accommodate new children who joined Jude's college. As the demand for the new school was growing, we had to think of a new building to house the new comers. ln 2004 a foundation was laid for three story building on the premises purchased by the Archbishop from a neighbor, increasing the extent of Suhada premises. A decision was taken to close the functions of Suhada life education programme, to make room for the new school. Thus Suhada which was opened on 17th October 2001, as a center for Life education programme, for the children ingovernment schools in and around Negombo terminated its work. Availability of the two story building put up for the Life Education programmade shifting of St. Jude's College from Kithu Nanan Montessori to Kurana Lagoon side of the premises were fenced in 2003 July and then manyinquiries were made from me by various organizations interested in theprotection of the lagoon, to find out whether I had encroached on to lagoon land .This was impossible to decide upon since no boundaries had been marked forthe lagoon. These inquiries were from the parties who were looking for favors, and were jealous about the school project and not for the good of the lagoon. For the inauguration of Judge's College at Kurana, Archbishop of Colombo. Rt. Rev, Oswald Gomis, Speaker of the Parliament Mr. Joseph Michael Perera, The Mayor of Negombo, Newton Fernando; provincial Councilor John Fernando, and the Fathers Joe Wickramssinghe, EV. Negombo region, Fr. Lvan Perera, and many others fathers were present. Building was blessed by the Archbishop of Colombo. On 14th Juty 2003 .A gift of four computers were made to St. Jude's College, of the instruction of Mr.Quintus Tissera, bishop's lawyer.

Rev.Fr.Dr. Leslie Fernando the Founder of St.Jude's College.
"Rev.Fr.Dr. Leslie Fernando the Founder of St.Jude's College."

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